Friday, December 31, 2010

Ta daaaa...

 1. Finish the perennial border in the backyard (started over 2 years ago now!).
 2. Organize the office ( that grey 10' x 10' room in our house where currently anything that does not have a  "home" is dumped. Often on the floor. Or on top of one of the TWO desk currently stashed in said room). (50% complete)
 3. Spend a week exploring Tobermory.
 4. Go on an overnight canoe trip with Hudson.
 5. Finish the upstairs bathroom (New window, tiles, vanity, have existing tub re-glazed).
 6. Have a date night with Karl at least once a month.
 7. Go a month without buying a single piece of clothing, shoes or make up.
 8. Take a family picture. The three of us. No sunglasses. No blinking. No silly faces. No blurs.
 9. Cook AND bake something new every month.
10. Finish painting the living room, the kitchen and then all the trim in our house (main floor).
11. Play hookie from work.
12. Learn how to use our SLR camera.
13. Stay overnight in a "fancy" hotel, order room service, play tourist for the day and generally "spoil" ourselves.
14. Find a pair of sunglasses I will actually like, and not loose them!
15. Spend a weekend morning browsing a bookstore. Alone. At a leisurely pace.
16. Start swimming regularly. As in more then once a year.
17. Make a new friend.
18. Potty train Hudson.
19. Find a job I feel good about.
20. Go hot air ballooning.
21. Read 6 books. I only managed 2 this past year :(
22. Take the family to a concert.
23. Give back.
24. Continue to grow out my hair.
25. Donate blood.
26. Go vegetarian for a week.
27. Write (as in hand write) a letter. And actually mail it, too!
28. Take a class/course/seminar - learn something new.
29. Have a picnic.
30. a) Say "yes" when I really want to say "no"
      b) Say "no" when I really want to say "yes"

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi there! Thanks for coming :) Why did I invite you here today?

I blame my brother-in-law Greg, who, over Christmas dinner asked me what my goals were for the new year. (ya I know - what a buzzkill!) I almost choked on my mashed potatoes. Goals? Really? Moi?
I did not seem to be able to come up with any. Seriously. Sad. I KNOW. But honestly, between having Hudson, the whole UFE thing (twice) and then me going back to work, I have kind of been stuck in survival mode. And let me tell you - NO FUN!

And so, 5 days, one lonesome Ottawa to Waterloo drive, one cup of tea and a boys free afternoon later I am happy to repot that I do in fact have a goal for the new year. THIRTY of them actually.
All to be completed before my 30th birthday (September 18). Yes, yes... it is true... I have come up with my very own 30 before 30 list.

All of my goals are realistic (I hope) and family budget friendly (I double hope).  They range from the mundane to the "I have been meaning to do that for years". I have even thrown in a personal challenge (See if you can spot it).

The list is compiled (it just needs to be reviewed by Karl who comes home tonight - since his participation is..... mandatory). I will be posting it on this little blog here (along with anything else I may find interesting), so you, my dear friends and family will be able to monitor my progress. AND offer gentle nudges when I begin to fall off the wagon! Deal?


P.S. Make sure to check back tomorrow when I post the official list :)

The list ....

... that should be, is NOT.

I mean, IT EXISTS, but it has not been reviewed by Karl, and likely will not be reviewed or posted until tomorrow. (Or possibly later, as tomorrow is New Year's Eve, we are both working and have friends coming in the afternoon to celebrate).

Karl and Hudson's flight to Kitchener was canceled due to fog (I knew there had to be a trade off for this mild weather they are calling for), so instead they came in on a much later flight, and into Toronto rather than Kitchener. Boooo! Now you all know that when I want something, I can be pretty persistent, but having flown with Hudson in the past, I decided to give Karl a break and am putting off the reviewing for a moment. I know.. I am a gem!

However, since you probably came here looking for a list... I leave you with this one!