Monday, April 25, 2011

The One Where We Actually Went to Ottawa

My parents have been living in a cornfield just outside Ottawa since July. This was our second trip up. I know, I know.... Hopefully with Karl's new job, we will be able to come more often.

We took an insane amount of pictures, and I am in the process of editing. It's a slooow, and painful process. So many good ones.

Lots more to come.... I hope to have the second batch ready tomorrow.


Monday, April 18, 2011

He wears my sunglasses at dinner

Alright, so my love for my new sunnies has already been declared in this rambling post, but you know who else loves my new wayfarers?

This kid right here.

Good look for him, no?


P.S. These pics were taken last week, when it was possible to have dinner outside. Wearing only a long sleeved top. You know, BEFORE THE SNOW!

Easter? What Easter?

Easter decorations at our house thus far.

Pretty sad, no?

But wait, it gets better... 

Perhaps you would be interested in knowing that the forsythia branches I lopped off my neighbours bush about 15 minutes prior to becoming completely guilt stricken and asking his permission to do so. In my defense, the thing is pretty much taking over our driveway so that technically isn't theft, right?

And the eggs... I do plan to have Hudson decorate those. Sometime before end of day on Wednesday, because on Thursday we leave for Ottawa (fingers crossed). Which is in 2 days. Yikes!

I blew the actual egg out of them instead of just hard boiling them so that we would be able to keep them for years to come. (Just in case you are wondering why there are only three, it took about 15 minutes to do, we were all hungry and I nearly passed out in the process - not a great way to start off Sunday morning).

Any suggestions for decorating fragile eggs with a two year old?

Help please!  


Friday, April 15, 2011

The Music is Exceptional

Ninety nine years ago on this day, this was the very last piece of music heard on the Titanic.

Somewhat related:
For weeks now, I have been eyeing this.

via 20X200

The more I think about it, the more I love it.
Karl and I have had many conversations about its "meaning". (You know, the kind where I talk at him and he sort of tilts his head a little, squints his eyes and thinks to himself .... "my wife is seriously loosing her mind").
If it's still available at the end of the weekend, I think I will start scouting appropriate wall space in our home.


P.S. Karl's grandfather past away last Saturday. Andre Rieu was one of his faves. Just in case you are wondering why I choose this particular version. Rest in Peace, Dude!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Some Frozen Water

The weekend when Hudson and I were doing this, my husband was in Calgary for a much deserved mini vacation. He came back with tons of cool shots, but this one here, I just can not stop looking at. 
Isn't nature amazing?

If a Xylophone Plays in the Forest...

This made me smile


Found via the Anthology Magazine.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh yeah, well my son...

I think it would be difficult for any mom NOT to think of her offspring as the...


In Hudson's case, I am pretty much convinced that he is in fact, a certifiable GENIUS.

Take for example, the following scenario which played itself out this very evening:

It's 7PM. Hudson and Karl are playing "choo - choo" in the basement. I begin to vacuum in the office. 

Stomp, stomp, stomp... 
Hudson runs up the stairs, with Karl in tow. They pause in the doorway and watch. The child is utterly fascinated.
He comes over and tries to help, but is unable to push the arm of the vacuum on his own. 

He looks up at me, unsure.

"Hard work. Isn't it?" I chirp

"DADDY'S TURN" he proclaims sternly as he tilts the vacuum in Karl's direction.  

I see great things in this child's future. I really do. 


Saturday, April 2, 2011


Perhaps the best part of being the mom of a toddler is the fact that every single day you get to, through the eyes of your child,  discover something new. Like for example...
your reflection in a parking lot puddle....

a brand new type of a slide...

or a "big puddle" (aka Lake Ontario)
Yes, :)


We miss you daddy! Hope you are having fun.