Thursday, December 30, 2010

The list ....

... that should be, is NOT.

I mean, IT EXISTS, but it has not been reviewed by Karl, and likely will not be reviewed or posted until tomorrow. (Or possibly later, as tomorrow is New Year's Eve, we are both working and have friends coming in the afternoon to celebrate).

Karl and Hudson's flight to Kitchener was canceled due to fog (I knew there had to be a trade off for this mild weather they are calling for), so instead they came in on a much later flight, and into Toronto rather than Kitchener. Boooo! Now you all know that when I want something, I can be pretty persistent, but having flown with Hudson in the past, I decided to give Karl a break and am putting off the reviewing for a moment. I know.. I am a gem!

However, since you probably came here looking for a list... I leave you with this one!

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