Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Castle

Hudson's Castle is 95% complete.  

I would still like to make some flags for it, but that may take some time on account of the fact that I can now sew. Not att all. On second thought, maybe the castle is as finished as it will ever be. 

When we first started putting it together, Hudson would not stop talking about it. Now that it's done.. the novelty has largely worn off -unless we have company. Especially when the company happens to be a "princess". In such a case, Hudson is magically transformed into "Prince Charming".

Do you think he might be ready for a baby sister?

: )


Sunday, May 29, 2011

About Last Weekend

As much fun as visiting friends, having friends visit and acquiring new to us furniture was, my hands down favourite thing about the weekend was...

... making "pock - porn" and watching "light - ing".

Pure awesomeness,  I tell you.


Being Patient Pays Off. Finally.

When we moved into our home 3 years ago we decided that, whenever possible our furniture would be second hand.

When we considered the environment, quality, aesthetic, and our pocket book - second hand really was the only way to go.

Unfortunately, this also meant that it was almost 2 years before we could seat more then just the two of us in the living room. Our night stands still clash in colour and style. Guest room furniture consists of - a bed.

Oh, and did I mention that I am also kind of picky?!?!

For months now, I have been trying to find a bench/table/something to go in between these two chairs. (Incidentally, before these two beauties made it to our living room, they used to be violet, crushed velvet and spend the first 50 years of their life with the very nice lady who used to live across the street. And her cat. Which probably explains why the nice old ladies equally nice daughter-in-law was rather delighted to part with them who summers ago. $60.00 for the pair)

 I am happy to let you all know (because I know you all were just DYING to know) that as of Saturday night, this little nook of my home looks a bit more like this.....

Want to see the detail? Sure you do....

 Pretty fancy, no? I found this little baby on Locke street in Hamilton. It had a little yellow sticky note on it. My heart sunk, because I thought that meant it was already sold (you know, like the red dot system at a gallery). Turns out, the sticky meant it was supposed to go to the Antiques Road Show, but they forgot to load it on the truck. Score!

Even the dinosaurs we got on our trip to the ROM love it :)


Friday, May 27, 2011

Something to Think About

I came across this blog earlier this week and I CAN NOT stop thinking about it.

At first, I though it was totally inspiring ..... then I thought it was bizarre... and at this very moment I am feeling ashamed. I encourage you all to take a few minutes to browse it. It will be well worth your time. I think.

read more here

Know what that is? That is 6 MONTHS worth of garbage generated by a FAMILY OF FOUR.

Today is garbage day in our neighbourhood. At the curb near my house sit 2 nearly full recycling boxes and one of those giant bins of garbage destined for the landfill - also about 2/3 full. That's a lot of waste in one week. Too much for my liking.

Therefore, (inspired by the ZERO WASTE HOME), over the next few weeks I promise to implement the following waste reduction strategies:

1. ALL compostables will make their way into the compost bin. We have 2 composts in our backyard, and in the winter we use the municipal green bin (because it is easier to keep that at the back door then to put on my boots and trek across the snowy backyard), but even so, I sometimes simply get too lazy to deal with it.

2. No more store bought (packaged) juice. We actually own really good juicer -  so again, I really have no excuses not to make my own. And besides cutting down on the packaging, we will be cutting down on lord knows what sugars/chemicals are is added to the jucie we currently buy.

3. Stop using plastic bags for our produce. You know, those flimsy little ones that you put your tomatoes into and then stash them under the kitchen sink and never ever use them again. Or do you? If so, what for? Because mine just sit there until they start spilling out each time I open the cupboard and then I throw armfuls into the trash. What is the point of them anyways? I suppose so that your food does not come in contact with the conveyor belt/scanner/scale. But really, we wash everything before eating it soo....I am eliminating those.

4. Diapers. Until he was about 1 year old, we used a cloth service which was awesome. Our sitter did not want to have to deal with them and since we kind of needed a sitter when I went back to work, we switched disposables - just until Hudson was potty trained. Ya. The kid is almost 2.5. I think it's time.

It's not much, I know - but it's a start. I will keep you posted on how that goes.


P.S. If you do get a chance to visit the ZERO WASTE HOME blog, let me know what you think. Should you feel inspired to reduce your own waste, please drop me a line as well. Suggestions are also welcomed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dreaming of ...

... an exotic vacation. Or just a vacation would be nice. Happy Hump Day Wednesday.

Via tomboystyle


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Photo Inspirations

Can you re-do a weekend? Pretty please...
Because last weekend

1. It rained pretty much non-stop. 

2. I managed to accidentally dispose of my wallet and it's entire content... into a garbage can in the parking lot of a big box store.

3. Karl separated his shoulder : (.

How awesome is all that!?!?!
I hope YOUR weekend was better. 

Sorry, but no cute family photos this week.
I do however want to share some inspiration shots for a future family photo shoot. Aren't these totally great!

via Mer Mag

via ascot friday
Photo by Akihiro Furuta via boooooooom


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Castle

I guess I should start at the beginning, which in this case was well over a year ago.

A friend of Karl's bought her first home. Said home came with a play set in the backyard. Said friend is a single girl with no children. Said friend is also pretty awesome, and offered the play set to my husband for *free*, if he would remove it from her backyard.

Thus, my husband along with his father spend an entire day (they said they would be back in a couple of hours) removing this thing. When they finally arrived, the van was full of bits and pieces of wood, ranging in size from an eight foot 4X4 post to tiny bits and pieces (seriously, no more then 3" X 4" X .5" little rectangles). Already, I was skeptical. If I remember things correctly, it was also raining on this particular day, so all the various "components" were stashed throughout the backyard. Just until the weather improved.... A small pile near the compost bin... a bigger pile under the pine tree....

It. Was. Awesome. 

Over the course of last fall/winter/spring some of the wood had begun to rot, some of it may have been used for other projects. No one remembered what the assembled play set actually looked like (as you may have noticed, we are pretty awful at taking "before" pictures), and I may have begun to nagg. suggest that we just take it all to the dump.

In March, some progress finally was made. A platform was erected, the slide was leaned against one side, the ladder against another. (Yup, leaned. As in not at all fastened. Just throwing that out there, in case you ever want to send your kids over to our place for a play date.) Oh, and wasn't it pretty?


On Sunday morning we set off for the Home Depot, and returned with a couple of sheets of plywood and a quart (and a small sample container) of paint.

With no real plans to speak of (also a re-occurring theme), we got to work ...

We measured... and cut.... and painted....

....and then measured ...and cut and .... painted some more....
By Monday night we pretty much had a castle!
Today I came home for my lunch break and ate junk while painting more bricks. The abuse of my digestive system is totally worth it!

It still needs some finishing touches, but I could not wait to share it with you...

So yes, something *free*, a whole lot of patience, a little elbow grease (and about $75.00 worth of Home Depot goodies) later - we got ourselves a castle of our own!

You should come test it out :).

And yes, the slide is now bolted down, the ladder is attached.....


Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Like Dad

Last fall, Karl ended his 20 year long hiatus from the sport and joined a rec soccer league. Hudson loves soccer almost as much as he loves hockey (this much), so it was a special a treat for him when we got to go hang out at one of daddy's games.

He talked about soccer non stop. The day before, and the day after. Pretty darn cute, if you ask me.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Renaissance Man

A couple of weeks ago, I found this in the "new fiction" section of the public library.

3 down.... 3 more to go : )

If you would like to read a review, try this one here.  (I liked it, but did not love it)

What I do find fascinating though, are some other Steve Martin/ Object of Beauty related tidbits...

 For example this post about how the cover for the book was made...

via tambehouse 

Oh yes, and who could possibly resist some great banjo tunes...

Anyone else totally crushing on Steve Martin now? No?!?! Just me? Alright then...  :)


Some Like it Wet

It's been a soggy spring thus far. On Sunday, Hudson decided to make the most of it ...

 That top photo cracks me up.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Weekend (continued)

I just know that you all (and yes, I am talking most specifically about my mom) have been patiently waiting for part two of our Easter photos.

My apologies, Hudson was sick. Quite sick. Trip to the ER kind of sick. (But from what I hear we were not alone in this. Lots of babies have been having crazy high mystery fevers). We are all better now : ), I hope so is everyone else!

 Alright, so the remainder of Easter weekend looked a little like this:

 We ate lots of chocolate.

 We watched lots of hockey.

 And ate some more chocolate.

Then on the way home we found a neat park with lots of cool new toys to try out.