Monday, August 15, 2011

Small talk

The following is an excerpt of the "conversation" between the demon that took possession over the soul of my sweet son and me that took place this afternoon while I was making tacos.

M: "Hudson, please don't climb the kitchen cupboards"

M: "Hudson, please get off the counter"

M: "Hudson, please don't throw the dish towels"

M: "Hudson, stop spilling your water"

M: "Please, don't throw your toys"

M: " Stop licking the fridge"

M: "Hudson. Stop"

H: (Leans forward in my direction and glares) GO. MAKE. DINNER!!!

M: (Deep breath... 10.. 9... 8.... )



Anonymous said...

Lol.... out of the mouth's of babes!

Andrea said...

Mirka, I'll give you an advice; make him busy, employee him. It was working for me. Think about anything and ask him to help you with that while you are finishing cooking. You will see the speed he will have, running to finish what-ever you will ask him to. And when you tell him that he is "the best helper of all" he will try even harder to please you. I discovered that ofter he once climbed on top of my counter and started feeding my antique ceramic roosters with roasted nuts I had there.

Love you both,

Anonymous said...

Mira, that is absolutely freaking hilarious!!! Laura Whittle