Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Snack Time

 These days, everywhere we go Lightning McQueen comes with. 

And so, it was no big surprise that when I called out "Snack Time" this afternoon "Light-ing" skidded across the kitchen counter and stopped just millimeters shy of the cutting board.

"Do you think McQueen would like some cheese, too?" I asked Hudson

"Yessshhh" a big grin came over his face.

I passed down two squares of cheese and proceeded with my cutting/chopping/stirring etc.

When I looked down about 20 seconds later, the kitchen floor was littered with tiny crumbs of marble. In the midst of it all sat an agitated toddler, trying to jam what was left of the cheese into the front bumper of his little toy car.

"Light-ing not hungry" he finally declared and popped the last bit into his own mouth.

I think we need to work on pretend play...


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