Monday, June 13, 2011

The Grand Porch Party

On Sunday, Uptown Waterloo hosted it's (first annual... maybe? Please? Pretty please!)

Grand Porch Party
- it was FANTASTIC!

The whole affair was put on by lovely Tenille of the Alternatives Journal with the help of Swim Drink Fish Music Club and The Princess Cafe (I strongly encourage you to check out all three links!) to help launch the latest MUSIC + ENVIRONMENT issue of the journal and to bring awareness to some of the issues presently concerning the Grand River watershed.

I loved seeing all the "fish" and "water facts" scribbled on sidewalks, although for whatever reason (oh yeah, that boisterous two year old whose nap was rudely interrupted by his mother so that we could make it out to this wonderful event) we forgot to take pictures of those.

The other, more subtle thing I absolutely loved about the event was just how much the neigbourhood "got it". There must have been thousands of people wondering all around, and when it was over - no garbage! Even the enterprising kids who set up lemonade stands offered it cups they had pulled out of their mother's cupboards and washed (instead of discarded) after each use. I swear to you, as we walked home, I did not see a single water bottle or candy wrapper discarded anywhere. And for that, I tip my hat to all who attended. 

Did I mention to great music, bumping into our neighbours (we unfortunately do not live in this neigbourhood) and friends, chatting with perfect strangers.... ?

I really could not imagine a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This band, the Pat Skinner Band said they had not played together for over 5 years prior to this event. I hope the streak has been broken and that they play together again real soon because I would definitely come out to see them!

Our little drummer boy

Free watermelon! Bunnies!!! Hudson was besides himself : )

The streets were not officially closed, but they might as well have been. People crowded not only front lawns and sidewalks, crows spilled out onto the streets and no one seemed to mind. The only way you were getting around Uptown was on foot or bike. (Wouldn't it be nice if that was the case more often?)

These guys had me tapping my toes : )

After a brief demonstration, Hudson got the hang of it!

This band was Hudson's favourite.
I don't know what it is, but something about the violin and the guitar together - I love it!

Not the greatest photo - but the band was awesome. Lots of foot stomping happening on this porch :-)

I sincerely hope this becomes an annual event. I could not think of a better way to showcase local talent, build a sense of community and bring awareness to important issues.


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Tenille said...

Thanks Mira! We're so stoked that you had a blast, and that everyone did 'get it'. A half hour after the event, you would never known it had happened. :)
We had no idea how the event would be received, but popular demand seems to indicate you'll be seeing the Grand Porch Party again....