Friday, June 10, 2011

The Writing on the...Sidewalk

"Look what I did last night" I chirped at Karl as we were getting ready for breakfast on Thursday. I opened the curtains in the living room and pointed outside.

His left eyebrow went up, slightly.

"I think someone is going to see it, and it will totally make their day. I know that if I saw that, I would instantly smile and walk a little taller"

"No, I think it's great" My husband re-assured me. I could almost see one of those thought bubbles pop up over his head.

My wife is craaaaazy!

You see, while Hudson was sleeping and Karl was at a neighbour's house watching the Bruins destroy the Canucks on Wednesday night, I waited until it got dark, then grabbed some chalk and "decorated" the sidewalk in from of our home...

Alright, fine... and artist I am not.....

Sure enough, when we got home last night, one of the neighbours came over to say hello. As he was walking up towards the house, I could see that he had a spring in his step and was trying, unsuccessfully, to conceal a smile.

"Did you guys to this?"

He did not even give me a chance to respond.

"Cause I have to tell you, it totally made my day. I was walking to work and I saw it, and then I was like... Yeah... This shirt does look really good one me"

I jumped up and down and squealed like a little girl.

"It worked, it totally worked"

Karl glanced over and gave me a huge smile.

And you know what... it totally made my day, too.