Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Castle

Hudson's Castle is 95% complete.  

I would still like to make some flags for it, but that may take some time on account of the fact that I can now sew. Not att all. On second thought, maybe the castle is as finished as it will ever be. 

When we first started putting it together, Hudson would not stop talking about it. Now that it's done.. the novelty has largely worn off -unless we have company. Especially when the company happens to be a "princess". In such a case, Hudson is magically transformed into "Prince Charming".

Do you think he might be ready for a baby sister?

: )



mom said...

YES, YES and YES! We think he is ready for baby brother, or baby sister, or twins.... It is about time to get him sibling and play-pall. And second Grand-kid to us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricia Orchard said...

What a great play space for him (and future siblings)!