Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Haul

OK, so if I were to categorize posts, this one would go into the "nonsense" category. But, seems to me you ladies like them, (and to be perfectly honest, I kind of like doing them) so here goes :)

Not going to lie, February was expensive.

(And yes, this month's budget has been blown, but I am sticking to my mantra of quality vs. quantity and hoping to hold on to my purchases for a long, long time)

if you like it, and have some place to wear it -
it's from the gap - and it's on sale right now!
 At the start of the month, I took back a skirt I bought in January, since it hung in my closet for 2 weeks and I could not bring myself to wear it anywhere.

<---- this one here.

Too young for the office, too short to chase Hudson around in.... I keep forgetting stuff like that when I go shopping.

Instead I bought this blue/grey top I really like. Like I said, it's blue with grey,so nothing new for me there, but get this - It has a pattern. Flowers!

That's something totally new for my wardrobe.

I am pretty sure the top was the same price, if not cheaper then the skirt - so net budget effect  until about the 15th of February was $0.00.

And then came the budget busters;

Exhibit "A"

If  only I had stopped there, all would have been fine. And I did, I had every intention to avoid spending for the rest of the month.
And... then my boots fell completely fell apart. (No, not the SOREL once, I think those will survive me) but the black leather riding boots that I wear to the office. And by completely,  I do not mean like that... meh... good enough 'til spring. I mean  COMPLETELY. I was sitting at the library with Hudson and  literally had to pick out bits and pieces of the shoe (the sole more specifically) off the ground as we were leaving. My darling husband sighed a little, but then agreed to go on a tour of pretty well every shoe store in the city  and entertained Hudson until I found these.

Exhibit "B"

Steve Madden, just in case you were wondering.

But mine are black.
And that, ladies and gentlemen (if there are any outhere reading this sillyness) is how my February personal expenditures allowance was blown. To smitherines. Yikes!
Having said that, I have worn both the sunglasses and the boots since I have acquired them, so I feel like at least I am getting my money's worth.
P.S. Just so you know, I am holding on to all my receipts in anticipation of the reconciliation in July... but, I still need your help picking out a charity. Any suggestions?

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