Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The (not) shopping challenge update.

It kind of makes me want to cry laugh, but of all the things on my list, the (not) shopping challenge seems to have generated the most feedback. While my husband especially loved the idea of me handing over my visa, my co-workers all laughed when they heard about it. Most of my nearest and dearest simply do not believe that I am capable of such restraint.

And while it is true, that I am on first name basis with some of the retailers here in KW, I am pretty sure I am not alone. And, in my defense, I am also pretty sure that the shopping gene comes attached to the X chromosome as I have never met a woman who does not like to buy new stuff. Even my mom, who claims not to be much of a shopper seems in recent years to have succumbed to this guilty pleasure. (Over the holidays I had the pleasure of touring my parents walk in jacket and coats closet. Oh yes. You did read that correctly. Nothing. But. Jackets. And. Coats. A Walk. In. Closet. Full. It's awesome!).

Since posting this as one of my 30, I have spent far too much time devising a plan to make the most of this challenge. And to be perfectly honest, it is not so much the act of shopping itself, but the joy in my heart (and if you have ever busted out into an impromptu fashion show for your spouse, or sat on the couch and watched a movie sporting your brand new winter boots - you know what I am talking about) that comes from integrating some NEW into my closet. Inevitably however, that awesome feeling wears off and, when it does, last months coveted item inspires merely a yawn. And as soon as this occurs, inevitably back to the mall I go. Sound familiar? The worst part is that probably 3/4 of what I buy I could certainly do without. Which is exactly why I have included the (no) shopping challenge as a part of my thirty before thirty.

I used random.org to generate the month (just to make it as unbiased as possible) - it will be July. And, just as a little twist, I will be keeping track of my spending in the coming months (considering making the figure public - but I am not sure I am prepared to face that kind of reality. We'll see about that one). Once July comes around, I will make a donation of my average monthly spending to .....  I do not 100% know whom yet. Most likely it will be a non profit organization that will probably make much better use of that money than I seem to.

Any suggestions?


P.S. Sorry mom, for having outed you. Secretly, I am jealous of your collection!

Oh.. and my new boots....check out these babies


Anonymous said...

My dear daughter!

Yup, you are right on one part - I have many jackets and coats. The reason - I need to cover my not that new and nice sweaters and pullovers. I should probably spend some money on those rather than jackets - but trying on sweaters and pullovers requires to try them on - and therefore to remove the old-ones that I am wearing at the moment - and see myself in un-compromising light in the mirror of the fitting room .... brrrrrrr! I hate just the thought of it. Yes, I hate shopping, trying on, taking off, trying some more ... . Shopping chromosome of yours must came from the dad's part of family.


Zdenka Darula said...

Well... there is one woman you personally know who hates shopping. That would actually be me. Because I had to save money for my photography gear in past so I couldn't spend even a dollar for anything else. NOW, I am so far behind fashion and what is "in" these days that when I go to the store I go home frustrated because I cannot make my mind what I want and what I need. It is far worse with shoes. I get home empty handed. My hubby had to go with me lst time to help me buy pair of shoes for winter which I really needed. I had no shoes for winter. If you look into my closet you will see that I own 1/3rd of what my husband has. Well, most of it doesn't even fit or is too old... last year I was worried that girl which works with me might call "What not to wear" on me... lol... I promise to get better. This year... See I am the opposite! hahaha... but way to go Mirka, thumbs up!

Mira said...

Oh no no... this needs to be fixed! Especially the part about the shoes. I think we need to fix that. ASAP. : )