Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Check In

Hello, March!

Thanks for bringing some sunshine with you : )

Since so many of the task on my list are sort of on-going, I decided that going forward I would do an End of the Month Check In. I am hoping this will keep me motivated and on track. Hoping.

This is where I stand at the end of February:

1. Perennial border.
Nope. Backyard still covered in snow. Although there is an ever growing puddle of mud developing under the pine tree. Aaand.. maybe some dog poo. Let's not go there..

What I am dreaming about is something like this. On a smaller scale. And only on one side because we still want lots of grass for Hudson to be able to play on. And because I am not 65, and gardening is not my full time vocation. Although, wouldn't it be nice?

Via this lovely site

Via Fine Gardening Magazine

I have a thing for hostas. Karl does not, but he does have a thing for me and so he tolerates them. 
We also put in some bleeding hearts and some ferns last year, which I want to keep for sure. But lots of things we planted last year died on us, and the whole place looks kind of barren. The spot this border is going to be in is part shade and pretty moist. Any suggestions? 

2. The office
Still at 50%.
Actually, more like 48%. But....it was down to 40% for a while. (on account of Karl bringing home all sorts of audit junk, which could have been shredded on the commercial shredder in the office, but instead I spent an hour doing it on our dinky 8-sheets-at-a-time-only type) Unfortunately, as many of you know, I am not very good at sticking to instructions. And so, a small pile of junk remains, siting on the ground next to a broken shredder. Awesome!

3/4. Tobermory/Canoeing
I don't know where you are reading this from, but here in Waterloo, the HIGH for the day was -1. And while that's perfectly acceptable canoeing (or in their case kayaking) weather as far a my brothers are concerned.... I am what you might call a wimp. 

5. Bathroom Reno.
I am thiiiiiiiis close to calling someone. I even made a rudimentary mood board thingy!

You like?

6. Monthly Dates.
January - yes - skating and beers. February - yes - skiing and beers. (Heeeey.. I think there is a theme here)

7. The shopping thing.
You guys soooo want to know what the damage was like in February, don't ya? (Know how I know? I figured out how to check my stats, and guess what. The page where I talk about my January haul - most viewed. Followed by the one with those gorgeous 3.1 Phillip Lim shoes. See ....closet shoppers. All of you! Phew.... so glad it's not just me)  Ok..... coming soon : ).

8. Family picture
Two words. AUDIT. SEASON. (For those of you who are so lucky not to be familiar with the concept, an AUDIT SEASON is those 3-4 months in the winter when Karl leaves for work at 7 AM and comes home around midnight. And then goes into the office most weekends to catch up.) Maybe in the spring when daddy returns to us we will set up a little photo session.

9. Cooking and baking - trying new stuff.
I keep meaning to do a post about this. In my head I envisioned pretty photos and such. Riiiiight. It's kind of hard to cook something you have never tried before with a two year old buzzing around. And even harder to take pictures while looking something you have never tried before. Instead, I think I will just take a picture of the finished product to show of. It the boys do not eat it before I have the chance. Which totally happened this month. Twice. OK, I just lied a little - I ate most of the cookies ;) 

10. Painting
I am making some progress in the living room. Kitchen still looks awful. Not to mention the trim.

11. Playing hookie.
Can't bring myself to do it! What's wrong with me?!?!

12. Learn how to use SLR.
NOPE. The word "aperture" still intimidates me.

14. Sunglasses
Found them. Now I need to hang on to them! 

15. A weekend morning in a bookstore.
Still dreaming about this one.

Wow... this is turning into one. long. post. How about I spare your eye sight and call it a night? Maybe I'll see you here for part two tomorrow?

Good night for now.


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