Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The staircase (project) that just goes on and on... and on.

Remember that picture of my staircase that I shared with you last week?

Well.... we've come a long way baby!

Not bad for two amateurs, no?

Except these two amateurs stood back and decided that ...

(OK, so have you ever bought new shoes just because? And then got them home and realized that you have NOTHING to wear with your new shoes? And so you run back to the mall in search of a new outfit? Don't tell me I am the only one this happens to... )

.... that wall that surrounds those stairs, it had to be painted!

Hmm... so this picture does not REALLY do it justice.  Flash photography and wet semi-gloss paint apparently are not two things that go together.

And what's with the ladder?!?!?

 I am 5'8". The ceiling is about 17 feet.
The project is on hold until Karl comes home from work.

This happens a lot around here.

But we are thiiiiiiis close to finally wrapping this one up. And moving onto things that actually are on my list.


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