Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Unsolicited Advice

Should you ever decide to host a Sunday Brunch for your girlfriends and then think to yourself... "humm... wouldn't it be nice if the kitchen was painted in time for that ..."

Give your head a shake and put down the paint roller!

Because what is likely to happen is that despite your best attempts to control the situation, your two year old will continue to want to act like a two year old (yup, several small tantrums and one MAJOR meltdown when you yank his little hand of the freshly painted, and totally not dry wall) and your husband who recently (and narrowly) escaped the clutches of an accounting firm and as such is not yet quite used to all of the charms of family life will cease to speak to you (just sigh periodically) and instead cast dubious glares in your direction whenever he thinks you are not looking at him.

And then next thing you know, it will be 10:15 PM on a week night, your husband will have gone out for drinks with his soon to be ex coworkers (just like he told you he would well in advance but you totally did not register that part because, you know, you were thinking about how nice your kitchen would look in "heavy cream") and your kitchen will look a little like this:

Just saying...


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