Monday, March 21, 2011

Get Excited

I have been a little light on the posts lately, only because lots of good stuff has been going on around the house.

I guess it all started when Karl got pneumonia, which I realize is normally not a good thing, but it our case it worked out well because that meant he was only working about 7 hours a day (we are used to 12-14, which actually probably explains the pneumonia). Aside from the sheer goodness of having daddy around, I am happy to report that the pneumonia is now gone and:

- the living room is finally painted
- the kitchen is well on its way
- the bathroom reno has been booked
- we have a somewhat official plan (yup, drawings, timelines, seeds etc.) for the veggie garden and lots of ideas for the rest of the back/front yard
- Karl quit his job (and got a more family friendly one)

Just wanted to share all that : )...

and this, because it speaks to me a little more then the other version. Especially these days.

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