Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pot of Gold

Yesterday was a snow day.

Thank you, network meteorologists for creating such panic over (what in my driveway at least) amounted to no more then 10 cm of "accumulation". NOT that I am complaining. Because really, a random Wednesday off was much needed. THANK YOU.

We went to an impromptu play date at a neighbour's home in the morning and then played in the snow in the afternoon. In rummaging through the pantry in search of an afternoon snack, I found a container with some smarties and chocolate coins - left over decorations from Hudson's birthday cake. Chocolate, or anything containing chocolate, is pretty rare in this house. Neither Karl nor I particularly care for it. Hudson on the other hand LOVES the stuff. Since we had just spend 2 hours outside and dinner was still quite some time away - I figured, WHY NOT? Hudson happily settled on the couch with his prize and munched away while I went about hanging up his wet outside clothes.

When I came back to the room to check on him, he was playing with his train set. On the couch was a container of smarties. ALL of the chocolate coins were gone. I should have, but I did not really give this too much thought. After all, as any mom of a two year old will tell you - stranger things have happened.

Later on in the day, the mystery was solved.... 


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