Monday, January 24, 2011

A completely (list) unrelated update

Hi there! Remember me? One word - Cold.

A nasty, nasty cold.

This is what we have been up to.

Two weekends ago:

Hudson celebrated his 2nd birthday in the company for his mom and dad, both sets of grandparents, uncle Mike, and not one but 2 birthday cakes!

Oh yes, and balloons and lots of presents :)

We also went skating which was a bonafide disaster. See this picture below? Notice the "I am soooo not impressed with this whole thing" look on Hudson's face? That was as good as it got. If anyone heard about about a disheveled looking woman dragging/carrying a hot chocolate soaked two year old who screamed "Daddy! Daddyyyyyyy. Daaaaaaadddyyyy!" and "No, No.... go away" the entire way home..... Yup - that sure was us!


Moral of the story - I think we will stick to sledding for now : )

This past weekend;

we went to the Childrens' Museum

and created some art of our own.

And.... that's about it :)

In list related news - I have nothing. 

No wait, I did stat re-reading a book. "Fall On Your Knees" by Ann-Marie MacDonald. I read it like a million years ago, but in 2010 it made the Canada Reads list, which made me want to re-read it. Fifty pages in, I am really glad that I dusted it off.

xo, M

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