Thursday, July 7, 2011

Veggie Tales

This is our third summer in this home, and also the third re-incarnation of our Fruit/Veggie Patch.

This year we are growing our own:

Blueberries (although those seem to be for the birds. Or at least so THEY think! And they are not doing so well, so I think we will move them to the cottage in the fall)
Raspberries (yellow, red and black)

Peas (Huge hit - Hudson eats them pods and all, right off the plant)
Peppers (This is attempt #3, the first two were a fail but Hudson loves them. This year - so far, so good)
Swiss Chard
Beans (green and yellow)
Cucumber (We did them last year as well, best cucumbers ever)
Swiss Chard
Butternut Squash
Zucchini - we tried. The little seedlings got washed away in one of those awesome storms we had earlier this summer.

A pumpkin to carve for Halloween

I think that's it...

We tried to do more variety, less quantity this year. Still, I can not keep up coming up with ways to use up all the spinach we have. Oh and our radishes - so spicy we can only eat about 2-3 a day. The strawberries are starting to taper off, and Hudson is doing his best to keep up with those peas. 2 raspberries were enjoyed by Hudson thus far and by the looks of it many, many more should be ready in a week or so! We've cut back on the tomatoes we have this year (3 hills of 2 plants each) because in the past we've supplied pretty well half the neighbourhood and even then heaps of them went to waste. So sad : (

Something else that's new in our garden this year - water barrels!


We have four.

Not only are they great entertainment for Hudson, I have not had to use municipal water once this year.

How about you guys, any fruit/veggie tales of your own? How about flowers?



Ryan said...

Our flower garden is doing well this year. We have one rain barrel feeding it - use a soaker hose powered by a small pond pump and the Christmas light timer to turn it on. Low maintenance! Nice work on the veggies!

Mira said...

Whhaaa...?!?! Man, you are far too high tech for me : ). Good idea though, maybe I will try to work that into next years design.
I saw the pics of your flowers, very nice - must be the regular watering!

Lisa said...

The garden is amazing this year! Feel free to share some spinach with your neighbours ;)

Mira said...

Heeeeey! Feel free to help yourself :)