Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Style Inspiration

On Monday afternoon, Hudson's daycare teacher stopped me in the door on our way out.

She wanted me to know that the chickenpox have made an appearance at their facility, and that the "carrier" happens to be a child Hudson plays with often. (I will keep you posted on this one)

She also wanted to ask what the nail polish my son wears is, because one of the other teachers really liked it. I was not sure, so I came home and checked.

It's China Glaze. The colour is "Ingrid"
Also, in case you are wondering the flowers my son wears in his hair are H&M. (yes, flowerS, there are two little ones in the back - sorry, no photo. But, if you look closely you can see "Ingrid" on his fingernails.

.....his hoodie is "Joe Fresh". The short are "Vintage". Hudson's diaper is by "Kirkland".....

Kids.... (sigh)..... :)


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