Monday, February 21, 2011

Indoor fun

Cold weather, some buggies and my complete lack of desire to sport anything other then PJ's kept us indoors for most of the weekend.

We did still have lots of fun!

We worked on some puzzles....

     Created lovely art...

Did some Yoga - at Hudson's request. Seriously, he asks to "watch yeyooo", lays down on the mat and follows along. For about 30 seconds.... but it's worth it!

We did managed to get outside for a little bit. Don't let the blue skies fool you though, it was bitterly cold. We lasted less the half an hour. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend,


Urszula Humienik-Dworakowska said...

glad to see we're not the only ones still stuck with winter. we have the same exact weather here in poland. also, your dog looks a lot like our dog - black, long legs, same size, big ears

Mira said...

Ya, I got really excited because we had a couple of mild days last week. I really do not mind winter most of the time, just that with both of us working we hardly got to enjoy it this year. The pup is sort of on a loan. He used to be ours, but is now living with my in laws. He's a fantastic dog and we miss him very much, so it is nice that we still get to borrow him from time to time.

Greg said...

I am glad to hear that Stanley is welcomed back ! LOL